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Affordable airfares are closer to you than ever: smart choices are the key to reducing your flight expenses!

Discover ways to reduce costs depending on destination, the category of traveler you are and airline!

You will book airline tickets easier than before, because Plane Tickets Now is here to help you with detailed information and advice.

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Plan your flights with us by taking account of the purpose of your trip, your destination, budget, comfort requirements, route flexibility & more...

Discover out all great opportunities that lie in front of you, reaching the other side of Earth can be simpler than you would believe! And, if you take our advices, you will always spend less for flights than your friends!




Airlines are presented in deep details on our site. If you're interested in general info or if you're trying to find international airline codes or an official website, then we're the right place on the web for you!

We have put this section together with special care in order to provide you with as many details as possible about low cost airlines, specialized low cost business airlines and the "conventional" airlines, of course.




Our site packs detailed information about airports around the World.

Check our IATA airport codes lookup list, access official airport sites through from our airports directory in order to find detailed info airports from many different countries!

Find out what you need to know under our dedicated section...



Most popular airfares & plane ticket booking resources...


Hereunder we offer you connections to our most read and most interesting resources.

We offer you detailed documentation, advice, even connection to websites selling cheap tickets for flights.


Booking airline tickets from the low cost airlines


Minimizing expenses for budget travelers (students and backpackers especially) is so important that they are ready to give up unnecessary additional services.

The "no frills carriers" offer solutions for low budget air travelers who book well in advance for their plane tickets.

Usually you will have to book online and print out an e-ticket in order to board your plane. This saves you and the airline a lot of money.

Search for plane tickets in the last minute!


By booking later you can obtain plane tickets that can cost as little as a quarter of their normal price. So, in rare cases late booking is cheaper than advance booking...

This article provides you with all the details and practical tips about how to book last minute airfare efficiently!

How to best use fare aggregators?


These are complex airfare search engines designed to search a large number of airlines and travel agent sites... Basically with fare comparison sites you get the results of all sites in one.

Plane Tickets Now gives you practical advice on how to best exploit the possibilities offered by these airfare comparison sites!

Frequent flyer programs and their benefits


Business flyers are targeted by these loyalty programs that offer bonuses in the form of free miles to fly or even discounts or free flights.

Frequent flyers are rewarded for their loyalty to the airline or the air carrier alliance on the basis these membership programs. This article unveils the possibilities to you!

Smart ways to hunt for cheap tickets


The airfares depend on a variety of factors, such as: the flight route you choose, the number and location of intermediate stops, the airline, the airline alliance (if applicable), the time and date of the flight, the time of booking and so on...

This guide will help you minimize your air travel expenses and will suggest you useful techniques in plane ticket search and booking.

Multiple stop airline tickets


Many of us want to reach multiple cities during a trip, but if possible, then we don't want to return to each one when we fly back home.

One way flights cost more, so purchasing a number of such tickets for each segment is not a good idea. Then what would be a solution? Multiple stop plane tickets. This subject is treated in details in this acrticle.

Consolidated airfares


Consolidators (bucket shops) sell airline tickets for 20-30 % cheaper than those sold directly by the airlines themselves. These agencies buy plane tickets in large numbers and are offered discounts by the airline companies.

The consolidators late re-sell the tickets to their own clients for less. If you're looking for cheap airfares, then they might be a good place to look.

Airline tickets by destination


You can be even more efficient in travel expense reduction if you go deeper into examining the possibilities that you have by taking account of your destination.


We offer you detailed documentation and advice regarding 90 destinations. Find out about the airlines that serve your destination, the low fare flying possibilities, connections, domestic and international routes and even more...



The most popular flight destinations of our clients:












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The airline business issues: new players, trends and more...


Because Plane Tickets Now is a general air travel information resource, we are also sharing details, such as fact and also do some business analysis on airline companies. Here are some of the most interesting and the most popular articles about airlines:


WIZZ Air powerfully extending its destinations


Hungary's low cost airline, WIZZ Air is among the World's youngest carriers of its kind, yet it is also among the most successful ones and since early 2004 (when it was launched) it has reached an important position on the European market and dominates the low cost segment on several airports

WIZZ Air is on the rise and it wasn't severely influenced by the recession. In fact it does even better, fact proven by the large number of new A320 jets that will enter its fleet in the next years. From 23 airplanes in late 2009, WIZZ Air will increase its fleet to almost 130 and will also open new bases in Europe.

Our article takes a look at this airline in details.

An analysis of TAP Portugal


Portugal's national airline is one of Europe's most prestigeous. They are well rated and have a good reputation among travelers as well.

TAP is headquartered in Lisbon, which is a city located in southwestern Europe, strategically placed on the axis between Europe and the Americas. Therefore TAP Portugal is a good solutions for those Europeans who want to reach Latin America's Venezuela and Brazil - countries to which TAP operates a large number of flights.

Modern airplanes, quality in-flight service, adequate seat pitch even on economy makes TAP a reputable airline.

For further details, please check this airline information page!

JetBlue's hybrid recipe - a proven success strategy


JetBlue Airways is an important name in North America's air travel industry.

Officially a low cost airline, but one with some qualities shared with the major conventional carriers, JetBlue has emerged in 1999 and has become a powerful player in the eastern part of the USA.

Aims at budget travelers who are seeking cost-effective means to reach their target destination, but also serves low-end business travelers.

Serves primarily destinations in the USA, but also in the Caribbean region, flies to the Bahamas, Bermuda, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico, Costa Rica.

Our article takes a deeper look at this company with facts and other info as well!

The successful Kingfisher Airlines



The Indian Kingfisher Airlines was named just like the popular beer produced in the country. Those who run the Kingfisher beer have extended their brand into the airline market. An interesting and unpopular thing to do, indeed.... Will we ever see a Carlsberg Airlines or a Heineken Airlines in Europe? Perhaps not...

Kingfisher Airlines is a reputable carrier already that has spread across the Asian subcontinent. It operates a large number of flights to multiple continents and it has even ordered the legendary Airbus A380 double-decker airliner.

Our article takes you through the issues regarding Kingfisher Airlines, a successful airline that we will certainly hear more about in the future!


Pacific Blue flies low cost to Pacific destinations


This is an airline that every traveler visiting the Pacific region and Oceania, Australia should know about.

Pacific Blue is part of billionaire businessman Richard Branson's empire and is headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand. It is part of the Virgin Blue Group, which also includes the airlines Virgin Blue (from Australia) and Polynesian Blue (from Samoa).

It exploits the holiday travel segment in the southeastern part of our globe: serves Indonesian, Australian, Pacific destinations. With them you can reach Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, the Cook Islands, Fiji, just to name a few rare locations where you might not have had the cheap aerial connections in the past.


No trip is complete without solving your international telecommunication issues! Check out the dedicated page to find out more about how these things work!

May 7, 2012


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If your site is relevant to this page and offers good quality information or service, then we might consider listing it. Contact us for details.





Our mission and our goals...


The air travel industry is on the rise as an increasing number of travelers choose airline over rail or road travel. As a result, the airline business and the way we fly have changed significantly in recent years.

New trends are appearing and we no longer think of air travel as we did 25 years ago. Our travelling habits have changed with the intensification of competition between the carriers, with the appearance of online booking, with the spread of the budget carriers and so on...


One needs to keep the step with the modern innovations in the air travel market, otherwise efficiently minimizing expenses and planning trips well is virtually impossible.

Plane Tickets Now is a general air travel portal that has set itself the goal to inform travelers and businessmen, air travel enthusiasts, airline fans and other similar categories of people.

You might be interested in finding information about airline companies or you might want to obtain tips, useful advice from professional regarding cheap ways to fly.


Tremendous opportunities exist out there, you just have to know them well and learn how to choose well. You will always spend less on flights if you choose to explore our website!


If you are enthusiastic about flying with airlines, then you will find detailed information about the companies, constantly growing, periodically updated articles containing facts, images, business analysis even (in some cases) and you are also welcome to contribute to our website!


Our experience in air travel dates back to the year 2000.

We have run marketing campaigns for airline companies and travel agents and have advised a tremendous number of clients in budget air travel.

Among our past and present partners there were: Delta Airlines, Hotwire, German Wings, Flight Network and other big names.


With Plane Tickets Now you have a large number of air travel resources packed into a single independent website!

We will shorten your way to the content you are looking for, therefore you needn't waste your time browsing and searching multiple websites to obtain the kind of information that we are offering.


We hope that our resources will satisfy your needs and that you will return to view new content that is uploaded periodically!


We wish you a great flight!


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