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Air Berlin

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Air Berlin - airline information




General information


Air Berlin

Air Berlin is Germany's second biggest carrier, second only to giant Lufthansa. It is also one of the biggest airlines in Europe..

It was founded in 1978 by a former Pan Am pilot in Oregon, USA, surprisingly not in Germany. The carrier operated flights between West Berlin and the rest of Europe. 

Air Berlin has rapidly become one of Europe's leading low fare airlines flying to many important European destinations.

The company offers low cost air travel services, but not exclusively.

The company's main German rivals are German Wings and Lufthansa, while on major destinations in the country and it also faces strong competition from foreign low cost airlines, primarily British easyJet, Irish Ryanair, Hungarian WIZZ Air.


Fact sheet


 General company information...

Official name: 

Air Berlin


"Fly Euro Shuttle"

IATA designator:


ICAO designator:



Berlin, Germany





Tegel International Airport - Nürnberg, Germany

Düsseldorf International Airport - Düsseldorf, Germany

Son Sant Joan Airport

London Stansted Airport - London, UK

Focus cities, regions,

secondary hubs:

Hamburg Airport - Hamburg, Germany

Hannover/Langenhagen International Airport - Hannover, Germany

München International Airport - München, Germany

Number of destinations:


 Fleet & flights-related...

Fleet size:


Aircraft types used:

Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Airbus A321, Airbus A330

Boeing 737

Fokker 100

Accidents & incidents:



Number of passengers:




Frequent flyer program:


Other important issues:

- interestingly the German carrier was founded in Oregon, USA, not Germany




With LTU together, Air Berlin serves 119 airports, among which are 16 German destinations and popular tourist destinations of the country's residents (such as the Islands around Europe, in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands).

The company is aiming at 2 main segments: major cities within Europe and primary destinations for German tourists.




123 airplanes are in the Air Berlin fleet. This includes the LTU and Air Berlin fleets combined, without dba.


Activity & market position


Service policy and organizations


Air Berlin is not a pure low cost carrier like many travelers believe.

The company is rather a hybrid carrier. Another hybrid example is the American JetBlue, but it the German company shows substantial differences, it has a different approach. While JetBlue has all-hybrid services, Air Berlin offers conventional and low cost services. JetBlue puts a lot of effort into increasing in-flight comfort and entertainment, while Air Berlin puts more effort into reducing airfares.

Unlike the pure low cost carriers, Air Berlin does offer free meals, snacks, newspapers, it has a frequent flyer program and offers the possibility to its passengers to change airplanes at hubs.


Wholly-owned companies & stakes at other companies


Air Berlin owns 2 airline companies:



Air Berlin owns dba, another low cost airline from Europe which even though belongs totally to Air Berlin (the company having acquired 100 % of its shares), still operates under a different identity.

LTU International

LTU International was bought by Air Berlin in early 2007. It still maintains its own identity, serving primary tourist destinations as it has before the takeover.  


Air Berlin owns 49 % of Swiss airline company Belair.


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