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KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines - airline information




General information


KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM used to be Holland's flag carrier airline, but recently is has merged with Air France, forming Air France-KLM. After the fusion, the Dutch carrier became a subsidiary of the French national airline.

Today, Air France-KLM (combined) is one of the biggest airlines in the World.

KLM is one of the World's oldest airlines, its history goes back to 1909, when airships were used by its predecessor carrier, called DELAG.

KLM aims at the European market, also at the Asian one, where it has a subsidiary called KLM Asia.

Air France-KLM, headquartered in Paris, is the World's largest carrier in terms of revenue and the 3rd one in terms of RPKs.

KLM is listed on the stock exchanges at Amsterdam, New York, Paris.


Fact sheet


 General company information...

Official name: 

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - KLM Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (Dutch)


"The reliable airline"

IATA designator:


ICAO designator:



Amstelveen, Netherlands





Amsterdam International Schiphol Airport - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Focus cities, regions,

secondary hubs:

Eindhoven Airport

Maastricht-Aachen Airport

Rotterdam Airport

Number of destinations:


 Fleet & flights-related...

Fleet size:

163 (+18 orders)

Aircraft types used:

Airbus A330

Boeing 737, Boeing 747, Boeing 777

McDonell Douglas MD-11

Accidents & incidents:

Total: 8 - Fatal cases: 7


Number of passengers:




Frequent flyer program:

Flying Blue

Other important issues:

- the most tragic airline disaster involved a KLM and a Pan Am aircraft, which resulted the death of 583 people in Tenerife, the Canary Islands

- KLM has merged with Air France 2004, this way, in terms of revenue, the biggest air carrier was formed




163 destinations are served by KLM, many are located in the Americas, Asia and Africa.




KLM has a fleet consisting primarily of Boeing Aircraft, few Airbus and McDonell Douglas machines.

The Dutch airline still operates the obsolete McDonell Douglas MD-11 airplanes, famous for their 3 engines (one being installed into the tail of the aircraft). These jets will be retired before 2015, but not earlier then 2013. Seems like no replacements will be found until then.

On long ranges, KLM uses Boeing 747s, 22 of them are right now in service. It is unknown when and with what planes these machines will be replaced with. The airline has not yet expressed interest in buying any of the new long range planes (either Boeing 787, Airbus 350 or the newer version of the "Jumbo Jet", the 747-8, or the famous double-decker Airbus A380).

KLM's income is "not quite booming", therefore no major purchases are expected.

5 new Boeing 777s, 10 Boeing 737s and 2 Airbus 330s are expected to enter into service. No exact date is known about when this will happen.


Frequent flyer program


Flying Blue is KLM's frequent flyer program and is compatible with other such programs within the SkyTeam Alliance.


Activity & market position


Despite the merger with Air France, KLM still keeps its brand and operates as a different airline, subsidized to Air France.

In fact, the "merger" with the French carrier is rather a takeover. KLM became subsidiary of Air France.


Profitability and position on the global air travel market


KLM is a major international player, even though its profits are not that spectacular. Low cost airlines and new carriers from the emerging Asian and Middle Eastern markets (like Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, etc.) are more into major acquisitions and expansions. In the last years, KLM pretty much kept the same size, same number of destinations, few aircraft purchases are planned.

KLM is active in Europe primarily and operates a subsidiary in Asia, called KLM Asia. This airline's logo lacks the typical Royal Dutch Airlines crown and is registered in Taiwan.


Wholly-owned companies & stakes at other companies


KLM has the following subsidiaries: 



KLM Asia

KLM Cargo

KLM Cityhopper

Transavia Airlines


KLM also holds 26 % of Kenya Airways,50 % of Martinair and important stakes of NorthWest Airlines.    


Partnerships & alliances


Air France-KLM is part of the SkyTeam Alliance. Other members include: Delta Airlines, Korean Air, NorthWest Airlines, Continental Airlines, etc. SkyTeam is the biggest airline alliance in the World.


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