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Australia plane tickets & flights





Legendary travel destination, an attractive continent that is far away from the residences of most potential travelers (who would arrive from Europe or North America).

Most passionate globetrotters would put Australia in their top 10 of destinations, some even higher.

It's definitely a place worth visiting, but it will sure be expensive getting there and will also wear down your wallet if you just pay for local travel services (such as hotel, domestic flights, urban transportation, food and drinks, etc.).


Domestic flights

Well connected via airlines, due to the big distances, this is necessary.

The road network of the country is good, but there are few highways and the middle of the country is a vast uninhabited wilderness area. Flying by plane is quite popular and even many small towns have their own airport.


International flights

All big cities over 1 million have an international airport.

Interestingly Australia's most hidden part (the southeast) is the most populated one and also the one with most big airports. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide are the main cities and there's also the smaller Canberra, which is the capital.

Only the biggest European, Asian and American carriers operate to Australia. The distance to cover is long, the operational costs high, special long range aircraft are needed and many flights aren't direct anyway.

The best way to reach Australia is either from the UK or Japan, South America or by changing airplanes in Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur. We recommend you to check out the Expedia website to get a list of international flights.


Airlines serving Australia


Since the major Australian airline, Ansett has went bankrupt in 2002, Qantas has taken over a higher piece of the market. Once the rival of Qantas, Ansett Australia had a fleet of 138 aircraft and had served over 88 destinations. Today Qantas' job is easier, since the big rival has disappeared. Or, at least this is the way it might seem. Low cost airlines have started multiplying and



Headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, this is another low cost carrier, just like Virgin Blue.

They started flying in 2003 and have gained popularity so much that they have extended into Southeast Asia too.

The airline had 30 destinations in late 2009.

Parent company is Qantas. In order not to compete much with each other, the airlines fly to very few identical destinations.

Qantas hopes to cope with other low cost airlines by maintaining this carrier.


Virgin Blue

Low cost carrier. Serves destinations in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region.



The biggest Australian airline and one of the biggest in the World!

A "must check out for fares" if you are willing to travel to the country.



Regional carrier based in Perth.

In late 2009 it had a fleet of 15 aircraft and also 15 destinations. 

They serve less accessible, but important cities, towns in Western Australia.


Various other carriers

Major airlines like British Airways, Singapore Airlines, JAL, Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific and others are "showing off their planes" at the major airports in Australia.

This country has good connection to cities in Southeastern Asia and is well connected to North America and the UK as well.


Destinations, major airports in Australia


Alice Springs Airport

Ayers Rock Connellan Airport

Brisbane Airport

Broken Hill Airport

Cairns Airport

Canberra International Airport

Darwin International Airport

Gold Coast Coolangatta Airport

Hobart Airport

Melbourne Tullamarine Airport

Perth Airport

Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport


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