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Canada plane tickets & flights





Large country with several big metropolises in the south (Toronto, Vancouver, Montréal and others), while a large part of the country is less inhabited with vast forests, lakes and mountains. The most interesting parts of Canada are harder to reach, but it is possible and we are taking look at this issue as well.


Domestic flights

There is quite intense internal air traffic, due to the country's size.

Most of the traffic is between the major hubs located near the big cities. But many travelers are flying to the faraway north in search of adventure and they too have many possibilities to reach their destinations. Canada has modern infrastructure, so despite the distances, you will be able to reach faraway towns, cities by air.


International flights

Excellent connections with many of East Asia's big cities, those in Western Europe and the USA. Less flights to Latin America an even less to the rest of the World.

Many US, Japanese and Western European airlines operate routes to Canada. The biggest airports are near Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver cities.


Airlines serving Canada


Air Canada

The country's flag carrier. A major airline that operates many cross-Pacific and cross-Atlantic flights.

Excellent connections with Canada's big cities from East Asia and from Western Europe, the USA.

If you are travelling from another region, then it might not be the choice for you.


Air Canada Jazz

Regional airline, subsidiary of the giant Air Canada. Jazz has its main base at Halifax.

Serves 85 destinations within the gigantic Canadian state.

This company also flies to Toronto Person, Vancouver, Montréal and Calgary airports.


Buffalo Airways

Based in Hay River in the Northwest Territories, this airline is a family run charter and scheduled flight company.

Flies to several destinations in northern Canada, such as: Yellowknife, Hay River, but for groups, you are allowed to specify your desired destination.

The fleet is very large of about 4 dozen aircraft of all types, many of them very old, but restored and beautifully repainted.


First Air

Serves northern Canadian destinations, especially those located in the Northwest Territories.

It is based quite far away though, in Kanata, Ontario.

With this airline you can reach to most important places in Canada's less populated areas.


Various other carriers

Major airlines from almost the whole of Europe and much of Asia and practically every corner of the USA are flying to Canada's big cities. The best aerial connections are through Toronto's Pearson Airport.


Destinations, major airports in Canada


Overall reaching the main cities directly from abroad or with connections through other Canadian airports is very easy. These cities are: Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Québec, Ottawa, Montréal, Winnipeg.


For international travelers, we recommend you to check out the following airports, hubs to be checked out:


Calgary International Airport

Edmonton International Airport

Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport

Ottawa International Airport

Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport

Toronto Pearson International Airport

Vancouver International Airport

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

Vancouver International Airport


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