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Chile plane tickets & flights





Wonderful to explore on land and there's nothing like travelling from the north of Chile to the south, but flying will make your trip faster and less exhausting.

Chile has a large number of airports and due to the narrowness of the country, it is quite easy to find an airport nearby in any region of the country.


Domestic flights

Some scheduled flights between the big cities. Rare flights operated periodically by a series of small airlines


International flights

Primarily operated by the gigantic LAN Chile company. This airline has a number of regional carriers in other countries, like LAN Perú, LAN Argentina, LAN Ecuador, etc. Try the offers of LAN, perhaps the connection from one carrier to another will be cheaper than if you choose a foreign carrier that operates flights to Chile.

If you wish to travel to Spain, Germany or the USA, then have no worry, there are many direct flights to Europe and North America from Santiago de Chile.


Airlines serving Chile


LAN Chile

One of the World's largest airlines, it owns a number of airlines in Latin America, like LAN Argentina, LAN Ecuador, LAN Perú, etc.

As part of the One World Alliance, LAN offers tremendous benefits to its clients. One can travel easier from airline to airline, spending less than if the carriers were not from the same alliance.


Sky Airline

In 2009 it had 17 destinations and 13 of them domestic ones.


Various other carriers

Very well connected through other carriers to major Latin American cities and also to some in the USA, but there is only 1 link to Madrid with Iberia, no other direct flight to Europe except for the ones operated by LAN.


Destinations, major airports in Chile


Here are the main airports of Chile:


Antofagasta Cerro Moreno International Airport

Arica Chacalluta International Airport

Calama El Loa International Airport

Concepción Carriel Sur International Airport

Iquique Diego Aracena International Airport

Hanga Roa Mataveri International Airport/Isla de Pascua Airport (located on Easter Island)

Osorno Cañal Bajo Carlos Hott Siebert Airport

Punta Arenas Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo International Airport

Santiago de Chile Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport

Valdivia Pichoy Airport

Valparaíso Airport

Viña del Mar Airport


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The official website of LAN, the Chilean airline offering you domestic and international flights. Access the site for information and bookings!

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