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Hungary plane tickets & flights





Medium size country in Central Europe with an important position in the continent's air traffic.

Budapest has one of the region's most dynamically growing international airport, the Ferihegy International Airport, where MALÉV - Hungarian Airlines and WIZZ Air have their main bases.


Domestic flights

Negligible. There were very few domestic flights. Most parts of the country are well connected to the rail and road system (Hungary has good highways) and due to the country's size it was thought that it isn't worth maintaining such services.


International flights

Budapest is well connected to the whole European continent. You can easily reach almost any part of Europe from this city.


Airlines in Hungary


MALÉV - Hungarian Airlines

The airline has good reputation in the following: very good safety standards, one of the most modern fleets in the World (and new acquisitions have are going to take place in the coming years), tasty on board meal, staff friendliness.

They offer few long haul flights (several years ago MALÉV has operated flights to Bangkok, New York, Toronto, Shanghai, the Maldives, etc.), but in recent years it has concentrated on climbing higher in the ranks in order to become a more important regional player.

The airline is part of the OneWorld Alliance, therefore it's easy to find connecting flight with its partner airlines (like NorthWest Airlines, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Iberia, etc.).



Central Europe's biggest low cost airline. Its main base is here at Ferihegy airport.

Sells cheaper fares if booked well in advance (3-4 months purchased ahead). As time passes, the fares rise.

WIZZ Air flies to almost any major European capital or important aerial hub.

The airline is considered a "2 star airline" and offers no in-flight meals for free and absolutely no entertainment. Due to these and many other measures, the fares are very low.


Various other carriers: Air France, Alitalia, Air Berlin, Aeroflot, British Airways, EasyJet, Lufthansa, Ryanair, SAS, etc

Reaching almost any part of Europe and is easy. You won't have to swap many times, even if you are travelling to another continent (like Asia or Africa), because Europe's biggest airlines all stop over here.


Destinations, major airports in Hungary


These are Hungary's biggest airport. However, Budapest Ferihegy is the only big international gateway and from the others only Debrecen and Sármellék have air traffic maintained throughout the year.

Sármellék serves the Lake Balaton region. In 2009, the airport was closed down due to the economical recession's impact on the country.


Budapest Ferihegy International Airport

Debrecen International Airport

Győr-Pér International Airport

Pécs Pogány Airport

Sármellék International Airport/FlyBalaton Airport


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