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Japan plane tickets & flights





Japan is still too unpopular in tourism when compared to Thailand, Malaysia or Hong Kong. Even though it has suffered tremendously during the Second World War, it has a number of hidden ancient attractions waiting to be discovered.

Business and science or studies-related tourism is most important when we talk about Japanese tourism.

We are taking a look at air travel possibilities that potential visitors to Japan have.


Domestic flights

Very expensive within the country. Some large cities have airports, but many don't have in their immediate proximity. For instance, you will not be able to travel from Osaka to Yokohama without passing through Osaka's large suburbs and flying to one of Tokyo's airports, which are both on the opposite side, far away from Yokohama.

Internal air travel in Japan is not a good idea, unless you re travelling from island to island. Such as from Kitakyushu to Tokyo or from Osaka to Sapporo, to give you some examples.

The Shinkansen "bullet train" successfully replaces airlines, therefore we recommend you to check it out. Prices of train tickets are close to the levels of airfares.


International flights

Many flights operated between Tokyo, Osaka, but also Nagoya and the rest of the World. These 3 are Japan's main air travel destinations.


Airlines in Japan



Abbreviation from All Nippon Airways.

Has a huge fleet of over 200 airplanes (as of late 2009).

ANA serves similar destinations as JAL, it is major long haul, short haul airline with subsidiaries serving various regions of Japan as well.


Hokkaido International Airlines/Air Do

Most often it is called Air Do, however, the official name is Hokkaido International Airlines.

It is based in Sapporo and was Japan's first low cost airline. It flies primarily to the big cities within Japan.



Leading carrier, in fact the flag carrier of Japan.

Operates to Europe, North America, Asia and Australia especially, but also flies to other continents.



Part of JAL, it is a regional carrier based in Naha, Okinawa.

With this airline you can travel between Okinawa and the biggest cities of Japan easily.



Also part of JAL, this is a regional airline based in Naha, Okinawa. It connects the Ryukyu, Amami and Okinawa islands.


Skymark Airlines

Based at Haneda Airport, Tokyo, this airline operates primarily on domestic routes, but also flies to Seoul, South Korea.

Skymark is focusing on internal flights, but it is not a low cost airline, just a regional carrier.



Kitakyushu's small low cost airline modeled after the JetBlue success.

Should be an option to check out if you travel to Kyushu Island.


Various other carriers

Many major European, American, Asian, Australian, Middle Eastern airlines especially serve Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya's airports.

Tokyo's Narita and Osaka's Kansai are the main airports where foreign giant airline roam.


Destinations, major airports in Japan


These are the most important international and regional airports in Japan:


Nagoya Chubu Centrair International Airport

Naha Airport (in Okinawa)

Osaka Kansai International Airport

Tokyo Haneda International Airport

Tokyo Narita International Airport


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