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Norway plane tickets & flights





A desirable destination in Europe that is so cold that there are only a few month during the year when one can visit it without experiencing freezing cold.

The islands, the fjords, lakes, valleys, cliffs and mountains, the beautiful small towns and fishing ports are iconic to this country.

The highest life standards in the World dominate in the country and finding yourself cheap flights to and within Norway won't be an easy task. If you reside in Norway, search the local Expedia site for a list of international flights to and from this Scandinavian country.

Hopefully with this little guide you will be able to learn how to best organize your trip and how to save on services!


Domestic flights

Excellent infrastructure: modernized airports and internal connections even to some small towns and islands. Most of Norway's important cities and big towns have an airport.

Prices are very high.


International flights

Flights to Oslo and Bergen are most intense. There are less flights to Trondheim, Ålesund and other cities.

Through Oslo there are excellent connections with the big Western European capitals, but less with North America, Asia and you could even forget the rest of the World!

Very high airport taxes and other taxes increase the operational costs of airlines. This implicates very high tickets prices. You will always have a hard time finding a cheap flight to Norway, even if you travel from Germany or the UK.

This country has the highest life standards in the World, so expect the highest prices!


Airlines serving Norway


Air Norway

Small regional airline based on Fosen.

Serves: Oslo, Trondheim in Norway and Aalborg in Denmark (as of 2009).


Feel Air

Norway's newest low cost airline that will fly intercontinentally.

Service is due to start in the second half of 2010 with 2 new Airbus A330-200 airplanes that will fly to New York and Bangkok and possibly other long haul destinations.

Flights will be operated both from Oslo and Stockholm.



Airline based in Bergen. Owns propeller-driven DHC-2 Beavers, also seaplanes and helicopters.

Serves: Rosendal, Bergen, Voss, Oslo and other destinations to request.


Norwegian Air Shuttle

Europe's 5th largest low cost airline and the 2nd largest in Scandinavia.

Serves over 80 destinations and has hubs near: Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Stockholm, Warsaw, Moss and Copenhagen.


SAS Scandinavian Airlines System

Part of the Star Alliance, this airline has 3 headquarters. One in Stockholm, one in Copenhagen and one in Oslo.

It is a joint company serving the 3 neighbours: Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Over 150 airplanes serve the same number of destinations, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo are the cities served.

SAS has been strongly influenced by the appearance of the low cost carriers, hasn't had the funds to modernize its large fleet, but it remains one of Europe's biggest airlines.

Worth checking them out for long haul flights. SAS flies to North America and Asia. It used to fly to Africa and South America, but those flights were ceased due to poor demand, high costs.



Part of the SAS Group, this airline operates 29 Dash 8 propeller-driven aircraft and it serves about 3 dozen Norwegian airports and 7 abroad (cities in Copenhagen, Sweden and the UK.


Various other carriers

Most major European carriers fly to Oslo Gardermoen Airport.

The only intercontinental flights operated by foreign carriers are those by Pakistan International Airlines (to Islamabad and Lahore), Continental Airlines (to Newark/New York), Turkish Airlines (to Istanbul) and Thai Airways International (to Bangkok).


Destinations, major airports in Norway


Bergen Airport

Bodø Airport

Hamar Airport

Hammerfest Airport

Harstad/Narvik Airport - Evenes

Kirkenes Airport

Kristiansand Airport

Kristiansund Airport

Molde Airport

NArvik Airport (Framnes)

Oslo Fornebu Airport

Oslo Gardemoen Airport

Sandefjord Torp Airport

Stavanger Sola Airport

Tromsø Langnes Airport

Trondheim Værnes Airport

Vadsø Airport

Vardø Svartnes Airport


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