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Seychelles plane tickets & flights





Located north of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles are among the top luxury island vacation destinations in the World.

Used o be a British colony, today an independent nation, the islands have a thriving economy primarily driven by the 3rd sector.

As tourism grows, more of us will want to visit the Seychelles and because it is so far from North America, Europe and Asia, most of the travelers will have a hard time finding fast, easy, cheap ways to fly there. We are trying to uncover the possibilities that travelers have when flying to this wonderful island nation.


Domestic flights

Very few occasional, rarely regular flights between islands.


International flights

Few scheduled connections to Europe, the Middle East and some African countries.

Book at least 2 months ahead, preferably more, especially if you are planning to travel in the summer when the islands are receiving the biggest numbers of tourists.


Airlines serving the Seychelles


Air Seychelles

The national carrier of the Seychelles.

The airline that flies to most destinations: Frankfurt, Johannesburg, London, Mauritius, Milano, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Singapore, etc.


Various other carriers: Condor, Emirates, Kenya Airways, Neos, Qatar Airways, Air Austral, etc.

Connections to Saint-Denis de la Réunion, Frankfurt, Dubai, Doha, Milano and Nairobi are ensured through scheduled flights.


Destinations, major airports in the Seychelles


Bird Island Airport

Desroches Airport

Frégate Island Airport

Mahé Island Pointe Larue Seychelles International Airport (the main airport of the Seychelles Islands)

Praslin Island Airport


Useful related resources


Air Seychelles

Fly to the Seychelles!

The national air carrier of the Seychelles Islands invites you to the exotic islands in the southwest Indian Ocean. Access the site for information and online booking!

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