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South Korea

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South Korea plane tickets & flights





One of the "Asian Tigers"... South Korea has a thriving economy, a powerful industry and a strong military. Apart from the political situation that we often hear on television and the business and industrial environment that we also often hear of, the tourism industry is somewhat hidden, less known, perhaps even dwarfed by the notoriety of so many large and famous Asian countries.

South Korea is a wonderful place that most travelers haven't found out about so far. the mountainous regions, the old temples, ancient fortresses, crowded big cities with colourful neighbourhoods and so much more...

We are not going to guide you to South Korea, but instead will unveil the air travel possibilities in front of you!


Domestic flights

Plenty of flights available between the big cities. Airlines serving internal routes are presented under the "Airlines serving South Korea" section.


International flights

Excellent connection to Europe, Asia (including many places in Inner Asia), North America, Australia, some direct flights even bring travelers to Africa and some Pacific islands. For most though, you will have to change.

The hardest will be to fly to places in Africa and Latin America.


Airlines serving South Korea


There are 6 major airlines in this country, as presented in details below.


Air Busan

As the name suggests, this carrier serves the city of Busan, otherwise known as Pusan in South Korea.

Flies to Seoul 30 times a day and Jeju 20 times a day. Could be a good alternative for finding plane tickets between the cities mentioned.


Asiana Airlines

The company has rebranded after it was known as "Seoul Airlines".

Asiana is the biggest carrier after Korean Air.

It is not a low cost airlines as often mistakenly considered, but a commercial carrier. Its history goes back to 1988 when it was established.

Today it is a prominent figure on the Asian air travel market having over 5 dozen destinations and lots of codeshare agreements mostly with other airlines from the continent.

Asiana is a strong competitor of Korean Air, especially on Asian routes.

Asiana is the carrier that best connects South Korea to other Asian cities.

Flight destinations also include several North American cities, Sydney from Australia, Saipan and their jets also reach as far as Vienna, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Milano, Moscow, Göteborg/Gothenburg, London.


Eaststar Jet

New low cost carrier from Seoul operating primarily from Gimpo International Airport.

The only focus city of this company is Jeju.

Flights are flown on the following routes: Seoul-Jeju, Gunsan-Jeju, Cheongju-Jeju. In late 2009 there were so many flights between Seoul and Jeju that they reached 13 per day. 


Jeju Air

Small airline based in Jeju, South Korea, the city is also its main hub. A secondary "knot" is located at Gimpo International Airport.

Here are this carrier's destinations: Seoul, Cheongju, Busan/Pusan, Bangkok, Kitakyushu, Osaka, Phuket. Bangkok and Phuket are seasonal, all others scheduled flights.


Jin Air

Small low cost airline that is subsidized to Korean Air.

Jin Air is primarily a domestic carrier connecting the big cities of the country. Foreign destinations include Bangkok, Guam and Macau.


Korean Air

Part of the Sky Team Alliance, Korean Air is one of the World's biggest airlines.

It is the main carrier that fuels air traffic at Seoul's Incheon International Airport.

Over a dozen cities are served in the USA and Canada combined, only Cairo in Africa, only Săo Paulo in Latin America, but a very large number of destinations in Asia (especially in China, Japan, South Korea), in the Middle East Tel Aviv and Dubai are served, then there are several major European cities served and flight are also reaching Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Nadi (Fiji), Guam, Auckland.


Various other carriers

Incheon International Airport near Seoul attracts a number of foreign airlines: Aeroflot, Air Astana, Air China, Air France, Air Canada, Air Macau, ANA - All Nippon Airways, Cebu Pacific, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Emirates, EVA Air, Finnair, Garuda Indonesia, JAL - Japan Airlines, KLM, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, NWA - NorthWest Airlines, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines Thai Airways, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines Uzbekistan Airways, Vietnam Airlines are just the most important ones that serve this aerial gateway to South Korea.


Destinations, major airports in South Korea


Busan/Pusan Gimhae International Airport

Cheongju Airport

Daegu Airport

Gimhae/Kimhae International Airport

Gimpo/Kimpo International Airport

Gwangju Airport

Jeju International Airport

Muan International Airport

Seoul Incheon International Airport

Seoul Gimpo International Airport

Yangyang International Airport


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