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Sweden plane tickets & flights





Has very modern airports and reputable airlines.

We are checking out the possibilities to get to Sweden by air and we are also unveiling the domestic air travel possibilities. It is a big country, so this section will be interesting!


Domestic flights

Good service between the big cities, but due to the fact that most of them are located in southern Sweden pretty close to each other, these are better approached by car or rail (cheaper).


International flights

Except Stockholm there are several international airports in Sweden that receive carriers from much of Europe. There are multiple small airlines in Sweden that serve the local demand for flights to popular vacation and business destinations.


Airlines serving Sweden


There are more airlines in Sweden than one would expect from a country this size.

Let us take a look at the most important ones and their destinations.


City Airline

City Airline is considered a regional carrier in Göteborg/Gothenburg.

Flies from its base to various European.


Golden Air

Small regional carrier with 2 hubs at Ängelholm-Helsingborg and Stockholm-Bromma airport. It serves domestic and international routes.

Domestically it flies to: Ronneby, Sundsval, Trollhättan, Visby, Ängelholm-Helsingborg, Örnsköldsvik, Östersund.

Internationally it only serves Hamburg.


Malmö Aviation

Malmö Aviation is a regional airline based in the port city of Malmö. In late 2009 it only served 4 Swedish destinations: Umeå, Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö.



Small airline with 12 planes flying domestically within Sweden and also serving Copenhagen on international routes.
Swedish locations: Arvidsjaur (Arvidsjaur Airport), Gällivare (Gällivare Airport), Göteborg (Landvetter Airport), Hagfors (Hagfors Airport), Hemavan (Hemavan Airport), Kramfors (Kramfors Airport), Linköping (Linköping SAAB Airport), Luleå (Luleå Airport), Lycksele (Lycksele Airport), Mora (Mora-Siljan Airport), Sveg (Sveg Airport), Stockholm (Stockholm-Arlanda Airport hub and Stockholm-Bromma Airport), Torsby (Torsby Airport), Umeå (Umeå Airport), Vilhelmina (Vilhelmina Airport), Örebro (Örebro Airport), Östersund (Åre Östersund Airport).



Charter airline from Stockholm. Fliest to popular vacation destinations like the Canaries, Thailand, Brazil and India.

Except Stockholm it also focuses on Göteborg, Copenhagen, Oslo.


SAS Scandinavian Airlines System

Part of the Star Alliance, this airline has 3 headquarters. One in Stockholm, one in Copenhagen and one in Oslo.

It is a joint company serving the 3 neighbours: Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Over 150 airplanes serve the same number of destinations, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo are the cities served.

SAS has been strongly influenced by the appearance of the low cost carriers, hasn't had the funds to modernize its large fleet, but it remains one of Europe's biggest airlines.

Worth checking them out for long haul flights. SAS flies to North America and Asia. It used to fly to Africa and South America, but those flights were ceased due to poor demand, high costs.


Skyways Express

Skyways Express is a regional international and domestic airline.

Serves a dozen destinations in the Sweden and Lithuania.

Borlänge/Falun, Goteborg/Gothenburg, Halmstad, Jönköping, Karlstad, Kristianstad, Oskarshamn, Skellefteå, Stockholm,  Sundsvall  Visby, Växjö.


TUIfly Nordic

Part of the TUI airlines and as on other countries, this carrier also serves under a local brand.

With them you can reach locations in: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Cape Verde, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Maldives, Mauritius, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Venezuela, UAE, USA.


Viking Airlines

Charter carrier based in Stockholm with hubs at Athens, Heraklion, London, Manchester and Bristol.

It is a small airline with old aircraft operating to frequently changing destinations.


Various other carriers

Excellent connections through a large number of European airlines and also many from other continents.

Many international flights and even intercontinental ones are available from Stockholm's airport.


Destinations, major airports in Sweden


Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport

Åre Östersund Airport

Göteborg City Airport/Gothenburg City Airport

Göteborg-Landvetter Airport/Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport

Halmstad Airport

Jönköping Airport/Axamo Airport

Kalmar Airport

Karlstad Airport

Kiruna Airport

Kristianstad Airport

Linköping City Airport

Luleå Airport

Malmö-Sturup Airport

Örnsköldsvik Airport

Stockholm-Arlanda Airport

Stockholm-Bromma Airport

Stockholm-Skavsta Airport

Stockholm-Västerås Airport

Sundsvall-Härnösand Airport/Midlanda Airport

Umeå City Airport

Växjö Smaland Airport

Visby Airport (located on Gotland Island)


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