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Student airfares

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Budget air travel solutions for students




Cheap student air travel opportunities


If you're a student, take advantage of it, it can spare you a lot of cash on your trips.

You have time to travel during summer and Christmas-New Year breaks. And that's exactly when the intense travel rush hits the planet. Airfares rise and travelling becomes even more unaffordable than it has been during the year when you had to study.

A large number of travel agents offer discounts for students on airline ticket prices. But, that does not necessarily mean that the student airline tickets are cheaper than other tickets that you could possibly find.

We advise you to check out the ordinary deals and compare those to the offers for students. Sometimes the fares sold to naive students are (even though discounted), higher than the cheapest airfares that some people manage to find.

Discounts for students can significantly reduce the price of an airline ticket, but they never reach the low level of the cheapest last minute plane tickets.


How to obtain cheap student airline tickets


Seek offers at student travel-specialized companies, such as STA Travel (, These agents offer student airfares and other student travel services as well.

To take part at such programs, usually you need to be a member of that company. Some small membership fee might be necessary.

You will have to prove that you're a student, therefore special IDs might be required. Sometimes a university ID is not enough, there are student travel organizations which offer internationally recognized services.

You will have to ask each agent what they require exactly for you to benefit of their services.

Then, search for fares with them.

Then, check the airlines. Sometimes they too offer discounts for students. United Airlines for example, launched a frequent flyer program for students. A great way to obtain cheap tickets, for those who travel often...

If you find cheap student airline tickets, then compare them to the cheapest prices on the rest of the market (those fares that are offered to the general public).

Sometimes you might find that plane tickets sold to the general public are actually cheaper if you dig deep enough.


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