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Senior airfares

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Advice for senior air travelers




If you're a senior traveler, grab the opportunities, because there are quite some that you can take advantage of in order to travel cheaper by air.

Especially in the USA and in Europe, there are multiple discount airfare opportunities for the elderly.

Companies, such as SouthWest Airlines in the USA have discovered the importance of this segment of travelers.

Why is it important for these companies to offer discounts? Of course, we know that offering price cuts usually attracts more clients, but there's more to senior air travel discounts than just that...

Older people, to travel agencies and air carriers mean 3 main things: they have plenty of time (because most of them don't work), they have money (they have more than students and other young people with low budgets), they are looking for leisure (the elderly, the students and the business travelers are the 3 main segments in the travel industry).

Therefore, grabbing the older people, the travel service providers lay their hands on sources of income. Another important thing is that they represent a very big portion of the potential clients. However, elderly citizens ask good quality services, high comfort. Price is not the only factor that attracts them.

If you are an elder person or if you travel with one, check out the special offers for this category of travelers, you could spare some great amounts of cash that could be useful on the trip (for souvenirs, for example).

Senior airfares are special discounts offered to travelers who have reached a certain age. Usually you have to be over 60 to benefit, in some cases even 55 is enough. This differs between different companies, you will need to check several travel agents and airlines to find out about the minimum age.

In the USA, low cost carrier SouthWest Airlines is offering discount airfares online to its senior clients, under the "Senior Passengers" category. The low cost airline has recognized the importance of attracting elder travelers, who represent a large portion of the travel market. Senior travelers have more time to travel and are more likely to spend more on a trip than students.

Alaska Airlines, Midwest and Hawaiian airlines offer up to 10 % discounts for senior travelers who book airfares from them.

Some carriers, especially Americans might allow the senior flyer to bring a younger companion, who is also offered a discount on the airline ticket's price. 

You can benefit of these fare reductions both in the case of last minute booking and advance purchases.

In order to apply for such  program, you will usually have to physically go to an airline or travel agent office and sign up, it can rarely be done online.

Airlines offer bigger discounts on plane tickets than the travel agencies. The carriers often sell cheaper tickets for elderly by telephone.

Some price cuts are percentage discounts, others are published airfares of lower prices.


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Information for senior US-resident travelers seeking discounts on airline flights. The article offers advice and lists useful airlines contact information!

Addition: November 20, 2009

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