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More pay less!




Fly in group and spend less on your plane tickets  


Group air travel is cheaper than individual flying.

Travel agencies and air carriers are happy to receive groups of travelers. In order to attract as many clients as possible, the agents and the airlines offer discounts on airline tickets. Price reductions are somewhere between 3 and 10%, rarely up to 15%.

Let's say you're a group of 10 people. You go to the travel agent which gives you a 10 % discount on airline tickets. This means that one out of those 10 people flies for free (in theory). Of course, in reality everyone will spend 90 % of the normal price.

If you're interested in cheap airline tickets for groups, then put your friends and family together. Usually you will all have to travel to the same destination. And, if you buy your plane tickets from a travel agent, such as a consolidator, then you could even get discounts on additional services, such as hotel reservations, car rentals.

Usually, you will have to be a group of at least 10 people. That's the average minimum number both with airlines and travel agencies. and offer great services online for groups. You will have to fill out a form with the flight parameters. AirGorilla also allows multi-leg trips.

Usually such agents first want to know how many people are part of your group and when and where you want to travel. After they obtain this information, it can take 24-48 hours or more until they answer you about what they can offer. They will then give you a discounted group airfare deal, which in some cases is negotiable.

Flying in group will require you to book all airline tickets at once.

In some cases, you might even be allowed to negotiate over the ticket price... If it is the case, then we advise you to bring them a bigger group of, let's say 20-30 people. Then, your negotiating position will be stronger and you will have bigger influence on the agents. That way, you can obtain bigger discounts. If they'd normally offer 10 % discounts on flights, try "pushing" them to give 15 %. Maybe you will obtain 12 %. Of course, in most cases, the negotiation is absolute, not relative. Meaning that you will not negotiate the airline ticket prices in percentage, but in exact sums (like 350 $, 500 $).


Who should buy group airline tickets?


Group airline tickets are ideal for the following occasions/motives for travelling:


Family reunions, Weddings, etc.

Pilgrimage, religious trips, missionary groups

Corporate/business travel groups

Sport groups, sports teams


Most agencies will not even ask you what the purpose of your trip is.

But, sometimes, if your trip is non-profit, especially if it is culturally, religiously motivated, then you could benefit from even bigger discounts on airline ticket prices. for instance, offers special missionary rates.


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