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How to find affordable tickets for business class flights?




Few travelers put themselves the question if they can travel on business class and spend just as little as if they would do it on economy class. It is possible, though...

Especially in the last minute, the prices of business class plane tickets shrink. Sometimes, the fares can be around those for economy class flights. Of course, in the last minute, airlines discount the economy class tickets even more.


In 2005, we've found round-trip business class airline tickets from Rome, Italy straight to Caracas, Venezuela for only around 1.200 USD. The fare price was unpublished and we discovered it as a result of our in-advance search, so it wasn't a last minute bargain.

1.200 USD is a very low price indeed. Usually economy class airline tickets have fares around this level.


With a little search, especially on airlines that are not among the top 10-15 biggest ones, you will sometimes find affordable fares for business class. You're more likely to find such affordable prices with carriers like: Iberia, Alitalia, Turkish Airlines, MALÉV - Hungarian Airlines, Mexicana, then if you'd search at Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France-KLM, JAL-Japan Airlines or other giants.


The largest carriers "feed themselves" with business flyers, for example, British Airways obtains most of its incomes form airline tickets sales from the business class segment. So, they're less likely to reduce prices on these tickets. Medium to small carriers might give you substantial discounts.


Another way to fly cheap on business class, spend just as little as others do on a economy or, even much less, is to travel with a specialized carrier. MAXJet, for instance was sort of a "low cost business class" airline that operated between the UK, Europe and North America. It "was", because the company went bankrupt.


The best tips we can give you:


Hunt for last minute business class tickets - right before departure they might cost less!

Travel with a specialized airline that offers low cost business flights

Check with a travel agent if there is any possibility for discounts if you travel in group


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