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Open jaw airline tickets

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Packs of airline tickets with interrupted route




Open jaw flight offer flexibility to travelers wanting to reach multiple destinations. By some travelers, the open airline tickets are sometimes called "multiple stop airline tickets", however, they are not the same!

Open jaw airline tickets allow you to stop-over several destinations, but with interruption too. For instance: Los Angeles to Mexico City and then from Cancún to Miami. Multiple stops tickets don't allow this flexibility, therefore with them you cannot interrupt a flight (in general).

With open jaw you can fly to multiple destinations and mustn't return to all destinations unlike in case of round-trip flight tickets.

Open jaw is cheaper than if you would buy separate one way tickets, but is often more expensive than buying a multitude of round-trip tickets.


There are 2 types of open jaw tickets:


Situation #1:

An open jaw airline ticket allows you to reach multiple cities from your departure place and then return to the departure spot without returning to all destinations.

For instance, you can depart from London and reach Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna and then return from Vienna to London. Like you would make a circle

A good idea for those flyer who don't want to go back to all cities where they have travelled to. it would be a loss of time, precious money and it would be tiring.


Situation #2

Open jaw can also be applied to situations when the traveler doesn't wish to return to the departure city al all.

You can fly to multiple cities without returning to the departure city.

For example: flying from Los Angeles to Singapore, then from Singapore to Bangkok, Hong Kong and finally Tokyo, then returning to the USA to Seattle instead of Los Angeles.

This way you can make a multiple-stop trip without returning to any of the previously touched spots. Without making a circle, but you still go through the same line without interrupting it.


Situation #3

Open jaw permits you to interrupt the flight line. You can fly from New York to San José (Cost Rica) and from there drive a car to Panama, then fly from Panama to Mexico City.

This way there is no line, no circle, but rather multiple segments.


We hope that you have understood the advantages of the open jaw plane tickets.

Some travelers confuse these with the multiple stop tickets and, if that was the case, then we hope we have cleared out all confusion around them.


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Addition: November 20, 2009

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