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Frequent flyer programs

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Bonus miles for loyal airline clients




If you travel frequently by air, you must check out the frequent flyer programs in order to benefit from the discounts and bonuses. This way, you will be able to spend less, on the long term you'll make tremendous economies.

Almost all major airlines have a frequent flyer program. If you fly often with major airlines on international routes, make sure you take advantage of the discounts they offer for frequent flyers!

The more often you fly with a certain airline, the more points or miles you accumulate. These can be transformed into discounts and for your next plane ticket you will take less money out of your pocket.

Each airline calls its frequent flyer program differently, for instance... Lufthansa: "Miles & more", Delta: "Sky Miles", etc.

These techniques are aimed at customers in order to keep them loyal to the company. Rewards make people as loyal as children when they wait for Santa Claus to bring them presents.

Flying within the same airline alliance (with carriers that are members of the same strategic airline alliance) can be advantageous. Quite often, the member companies have their frequent flyer policies harmonized. This means, that quite often, it is possible to travel with "carrier A" and accumulate miles/points and then use them with its ally-partner "carrier B", to obtain bonuses or free flights even.

Frequent flyer programs are perhaps the best way to reduce the expenses of business trips. Business travelers often take account of these programs to earn discounts after a number of flights or miles have been accumulated or bonus flights, free flights that are offered as gift or on a certain length of route.

Avoid buying consolidated airline tickets, unless your travel agent ensures you that they have frequent flyer program support. Most consolidators don't offer this possibility and you end up loosing precious miles.


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