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Last minute flights

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Fly later, spend less,... did you know?




Last minute deals on airline tickets are highly advantageous. All airlines have the interest to sell as many seats as possible, but even so, almost no airplane takes off without several unsold places. In order to maximize their income, the airlines make major discounts on plane tickets, prior to take off. Several days before the flight, prices are significantly reduced in order to attract clients.

In this "last minute period", air carriers and travel agencies will reduce fares and advertise them intensively.

If your budget is modest, we recommend you to check these special deals. A last minute flight ticket can be a great bargain and the trip is just as good as any other. Let's think about it: basically you book for the same flight that others have booked for months before, only that you pay less! Same services, same trip, but lower price for you!

There's a risk too in booking last minute plane tickets... If you are preparing for an important business trip or family reunion, let's say, then it's better to book in advance, make a reservation weeks, perhaps months before, don't risk hunting for last minute airfares. But, if you're in need of a ticket fast, for example, if you'd like to get away on a short weekend break to a not too far located vacation destination, then take your chance!

Late booking deals are a desperate measure of airlines and travel agents to minimize losses, but they look like they are promotions. A last minute plane ticket can be as cheap as one third of its original price and, this is as cheap as you can travel by a flag carrier airline (excepting the case when you're taking part in a frequent flyer program).

Prices of business class airline tickets can drop so much that they get close to that of the ordinary economy class tickets. However, in the case of first class airline tickets, this doesn't happen, so don't dream about flying on a full flat bed, like a prince/princess and pay a bargain price...

Low cost airlines generally don't offer last minute discounts. Look at the travel agents and air carriers for such opportunities.

We'd recommend you to check many travel agencies, because the variety of deals is richer than in the case of the carriers and there's a large amount of additional services offered. You could also attach a hotel reservation or a cruise to your air trip, for instance... Also, possibly at discounted price.

Last minute flying opportunities are more abundant towards the end of holiday seasons. Towards the end of summer and early autumn you'll find more such offers than in the middle of the season.


How to hunt for last minute flights?


We have several good tips for you. Just read below...


Check the deals of  the last minute flights-specialized travel agents or deals. Make comparisons between their fares and select the best ones

Last minute deals usually appear about 1 week prior to departure

Airlines have newsletter e-mail services. If you sign up for them, you will receive notifications of the hottest airfares for the days & weeks coming. Basically, they will drop you notices of discounted airfares on a weekly basis. We advise you to check all the airlines that fly to your desired destinations, preferably prestigious carriers. Don't leave the indigenous airlines out of the list!

Check the airfare comparison sites. These websites usually crawl the databases of multiple airline ticket-selling online travel agents. Check these airline ticket price comparison sites, because they display you the fares available at different sellers. You will then be able to pick the lowest ones

Be on the lookout for deals in travel magazines and newspapers. These are good places to find ads of small consolidators that can have very good prices


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