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How to obtain the cheapest tickets

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Minimize your air travel expenses!




Students and other travelers with "thin pockets" are seeking highly economical ways to travel by air, even if that means they have to give up good comfort.

If you can hardly afford economy class flights, then you are one of those travelers who should take measures to drastically cut air travel expenses.


Here are a few tips about what you can do to obtain the cheapest tickets possible:


Travel with low cost airlines

Less comfortable, but cheaper. Keep in mind that these carriers charge you for luggage, they have a bunch of additional fees and usually they don't give you anything free to eat on board.

Buy the airline ticket together with low cost additional travel services

Such as hotels, car rentals could cost you less if you book them together with your flight ticket. Low cost airlines (like easyJet, WIZZ Air, JetBlue) also offer cheap additional travel services.

Take late night flights

Everyone avoids late night flights, therefore tickets for them are usually cheaper than those for daytime flights.

Sleep over on weekends

It often happens that if you need to stop over at an airport in order to switch planes. Sometimes there is no connecting flight immediately, only after several days. On weekends, there are less connecting flights, so you might need to sleep over  for the weekend.

These connections (with 1-2 day) sleepovers are usually cheaper than if you'd have connection within 24 hours.

Hunt for discounts: promotional offers, last minute flights, end season price reductions

Last minute flights are the riskiest discounted deals, because you might end up loosing the flight if no such deal is made (they are only offered when empty seats remain just a short while before departure).


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