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The best places where you can book airline tickets online




E-business has revolutionized the way we travel.

We no longer need to wait in lines at the airlines' or travel agents' offices to buy tickets for flights.

It can all be done online...

Among the first airlines to introduce online booking, were: American Airlines, Ryanair, SouthWest Airlines. And among the first online booking-providing travel agencies, we enumerate: Orbitz, Travelocity, Hotwire.

There also are airfare comparison sites, which crawl the databases of multiple online travel agents and present you their prices. This makes your search for cheap plane tickets easier than if you'd do it manually. Some of these sites even search up to over 100 airlien ticket-selling agents.


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Recommended online booking sites   


Cheap Tickets

America's most popular discount online travel agent. Easy to use interface with handy tools and well presented special offers.

Advantages: Online discount travel service provider. Has a special section for last minute flights. Cheap Tickets also searches unpublished fares, not just published fares like most travel agents, this gives you a higher possibility to find cheaper tickets.

Disadvantages: Charges high fees on service reservation modifications



One of the World's biggest online travel agents. Sells a wide variety of travel services. Of course, we are only interested in flights.

Advantages: Has a large number of regional websites offering services to the residents of multiple countries. Allows clients the possibility to create a customized trip.

Disadvantages: (nothing specific)



Priceline is one of the very few online travel agents that offers its clients to buy plane tickets through auctions.

Advantages: Offers the possibility to purchase airline tickets through the "Name Your Price" service, this ensures flexibility.

Disadvantages: Inflexible services, many restrictions.



Popular online travel agent providing a variety of services.

Advantages: Part of a wide network of sites, including, specialized site selling last minute travel services. Has very good non-stop customer service. Travelocity also has many useful tools and provides rich information to the clients.

Disadvantages: (nothing specific)



Major online travel agent with a very attractive website design. Sells services to US-residents exclusively, contains a highly powerful and comprehensive searcher.

Advantages: Has a highly powerful flight searcher and a very attractive interface. You can create customized trips too. Their prices are very low in comparison to other online agencies.  

Disadvantages: Departure place must be located in the USA. Does not sell services for clients outside the United States.



Very popular online travel agent, sells tickets to US-residents only.

Advantages: Comprehensive, easy to navigate on.

Disadvantages: Average searcher, a lot of useful tools are lacking. Provides small amounts of information to its clients. Inflexibility in services, many restrictions.


Travel Now

Increasingly popular online travel agent offering general travel services.

Advantages: (nothing specific)

Disadvantages: Poor customer service only provided by e-mail. Contains few information. Often confusing site.



A relatively new online travel agent offering plane tickets for sale.

Advantages: Fast & very simple searcher.

Disadvantages: Poor information about flights, sometimes confusing offers with hidden restrictions.


One Travel

Company from Texas offering general travel services.

Advantages:  (nothing specific)

Disadvantages: Lacks many useful tools, few information is provided. Lacks good privacy policy. Poor customer service. Airline ticket booking must happen at least 5 days before departure.

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