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Around the World airline tickets

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How could you fly around the World cheeply?




Some airlines and some travel agents actually sell "around the World airline tickets", this means that you can "make a circle trip" around the Earth touching multiple destinations, without needing to get back to them.

This way you can see many cities and countries and spend less than normally (if you would by separate tickets one by one and put the route together).

If you want to fly around the World, check the travel agents and the airlines to see if they sell plane tickets for such occasions. Of course, the ticket must cover the whole trip, whole circle around the World, must bring you back home.


Opportunities and airline ticket prices


For travelling around the World, the agents or carriers usually put together a trip the way they want.

You will rarely have the chance to put together a trip yourself, selecting the destinations you would like to visit.

Therefore, stud the offers deeply and select those that have more destinations that you'd like to visit and are affordable.

Usually you will have to book in advance for these sorts of plane tickets.


Here are several sample prices:


Los Angeles (USA) - Hong Kong - Bangkok (Thailand) - Bombay (India) - Delhi (India) - London (UK) - New York (USA): 1.200 $

New York (USA) - London (UK) - Moscow (Russia) - Nairobi (Kenya) - Bombay (India) - Delhi (India) - Katmandu (Nepal) - Seoul (South Korea) - New York (USA): 2.000 $

New York (USA) - Los Angeles (USA) - Tokyo (Japan) - Singapore - Delhi (India) - Rome (Italy) - New York (USA): 2.000 $

New York (USA) - Dublin (Ireland) - Madrid (Spain) - Athens (Greece) - Johannesburg (South Africa) - Cape Town (South Africa) - Buenos Aires (Argentina) - São Paulo (Brazil) - Lima (Peru) - Cuzco (Peru) - Quito (Ecuador) - Caracas (Venezuela) - Isla Margarita (Venezuela) - Port Of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) - New York (USA): 3.300 $ 

West Coast USA - Honolulu (USA) - Sydney (Australia) - Melbourne (Australia) - Bali (Indonesia) - Singapore - Phuket (Thailand) - Bangkok (Thailand) - Muscat (Oman) - Paris (France) - London (UK) - West Coast USA: 2.600 $   


As conclusion, we can affirm that an average price long haul flight ticket, such as one from London to Sydney can cost more than a cheap around the World plane ticket.


In order to spend as little as possible for the around the World air trip, make sure you don't make many unnecessary stopovers. Many of these deals contain stopovers and the more there are, the more fees will be included into your ticket, increasing the airfare level.                             


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